Insurance Claims
We have well established and working relationships with both big and small insurance companies across the country.

No Hassles
We handle your insurance claim--our software and direct hands on approach ensures proper procedures are followed and your car gets the right parts--everytime!!

Your Rights
You always have the right to have the car repaired at the shop of your choice. Make an educated decision and pick the body shop of your choice, and we hope you choose The Paint Booth and Body Shop. We want you to feel confident that whether we are on your insurance company's preferred shop program or not, we are prepared to handle your insurance claim.

Don't worry about our prices matching your insurance company's prices. We always come to an 'agreed upon price' with the insurance company and we guarantee our work for the life that you own the car.

So remember, when you are deciding on a body shop THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

We are here to help, please call us (850) 267-2211